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Sorcerer's Study

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It was no secret at Gwyndemere Castle that Vesputin, the royal sorcerer, coveted Queen Magdalena’s jasper amulet from the day he first laid his eyes upon it. The amulet had been gifted to the royal family by the great sorcerer Magus Magentus during the time of the Trelvyn Scrolls, and has remained in the possession of the standing Queen ever since. Though loyal to his Queen, Vesputin believed the amulet would serve a greater purpose in the hands of the royal sorcerer. The amulet has now gone missing, and although Vesputin has sworn to the Queen that he knows nothing of its disappearance, Her Majesty harbors great suspicions against him. She has tasked you, her royal scribes, with searching Vesputin’s study to find the treasured item. The Queen knows that it will take the combined intelligence and resourcefulness of her scribes to match wits with the spells, puzzles, and incantations of the sorcerer. Her Majesty believes she can distract Vesputin for a single turn of the hourglass while you seek to recover her amulet and expose Vesputin’s treason!